Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Friends of All Shapes and Sizes

Rover Oaks Pet Resort invited me and Mama to a Holiday party so I could take my picture with a man named Santa. Now I didn't know who this Santa person was, but rumor had it that there was going to be treats at this party and so begged and wheedled and gave my best sad-puppy face until Mama broke down and said we could go.

One thing you should know about me is that I am terrible with names. Terrible! But I never forget a face or....uh...scent -- so it all evens out.

For example, I forgot this kid's name, but he said his favorite treat was butter pecan ice cream cone. It looks like he's ready for someone to bring him one.

I'm not sure but I think this guy was the boss -- at least he was old and cranky enough to be. He sure didn't want to play, but he would let Mama scratch him under the chin occasionally.

I overheard this youngster's mom telling my Mama that her bloodhound spent the first year of her life being neglected and mistreated. She was so skinny her ribs were poking out and there were scabs on her face that were still healing! Thank goodness she was rescued just in the nick of time. Her new mom says she's gonna have a great life from now on and I believe her.

Oooh! This handsome boy wanted to play and I wanted to play, but it was a "leash-only" party and boy did that make playing difficult. Mama says he's called a red-bone hound and that he's from someplace "where the red fern grows". Apparently that place where the red ferns grow sure does make their dogs nice and loud 'cause he barked and barked and he sounded like a old car horn. Isn't he shiny?

This poor thing seemed a little confused as she kept chasing her tail. Between you and me, TailChase is one of my favorite games 'cause it makes Mama laugh, but this Old English lady was doing it wrong. I just didn't have the heart to tell her she doesn't have a tail!

After quite a lot of introductions and a couple of play bows, and more treats than I'm usually allowed to eat (I love pumpkin muffins!!), it was time to meet the mysterious Santa. He seemed nice enough and the pictures went off without a hitch (although as a general rule I like to be wearing something sparkly when my picture is taken), but the best part of all is that the monies raised at the Christmas party will go to help Citizens for Animal Protection which is the best present my Mama and I know how to give.

If you feel it in your heart, please donate today. We did!

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