Saturday, August 29, 2009

Best. Day. Ever.

The best day ever always starts with a good long pee, followed by a R-I-D-E. Except that yesterday my morning R-I-D-E ended at Dr. P's office at 7:30 am. I tried to explain to Mama that nothing was hurtin' but since she hadn't had her morning caffeine yet, she could not understand me. The pet nurse tricked me into going into the back and by the time I noticed Mama was not with me -- well, there was no escapin'.

They put me in a cage and instead of watching TV, I got to watch a long line of dogs and cats hurt way worse than me, get to see the doctor first. By the time I got to see Dr. P it was almost my dinnertime and, boy, was I hungry! And after all that waitin' there was hardly nothing to it. Couple of shots, lights in my eyes, ear rubs -- although someone did put there fingers someplace I would rather not mention -- but all in all -- not traumatic. But by time I got sprung, I thought my whole day was shot, as it was after 7 pm.

But then I got home and found there was something waiting for me that made up for all that waiting in the cage.

Presents from Cool Hand Luke and the Bleu (of Course) and Luke's The Mom!! And it was just like a Bark Day Party. Here's me posin' with my presents. Oops, got me with my eyes closed.

I love presents! I believe I have been clear on this issue.

Here's a close up of the letter, complete with pictures of Luke and the Bleu, in which they thank me for playin' in the 500F Blog Post contest.

And to that I say...No...Thank YOU! And I LOVE Having you as a friend too!

I love friends!

Now here's a picture of the box with all the stuff still in it. Mama had to be quick about it 'cause that stuffie was callin' my name (and tellin' me his name was Mr. Ducksworth),

Here's me getting intimately 'quainted with Mr. Ducksworth. He's my favorite color too!

Me with my yellow bandanna. Did someone say cheese!
Here's a picture of all the stuff that came in the box. I don't even know what all that stuff is, but I'm gonna have a good time finding out.

Once again, a huge thanks to Luke, the Bleu (of course) and Luke's the Mom for makin' my whole day better! I love reading your blog and I'm so glad ya'll are my friends.

May you have sunny skies and quiet rain.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Clearing Up Confusion

Now some blogging pals have asked me about Wednesday's wordless picture, in particular -- who my cute little friend is.

Duh! I'm the cute little friend! That's me the day after my Gotcha Day, playing with my big sister Blossom who left for Rainbow Bridge back in February. Blossom sure was nice to share her stuffie with me -- she thought it was big enough for us to both chew on -- at least for a little while. You can tell in this picture that she eventually changed her mind.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Under for the Thunder

Something strange happened this afternoon. Mama brought a whole lot of thunder with her when she came home from work. Now I'm not one to be scared of much when I'm in my own house (outside is a whole 'nother story) except for things that Mama calls balloons and my age old nemisis called Ceiling Fan. But today there more thunder than I thought possible. I growled at for a bit but it was coming so loud and so fast that windows were rattling and I decided to retreat to a place of safety. Which is where I was when Mama took this picture.

Mama tells me it will all stop soon and for that I'm grateful. I will tell you something though -- I'm starting to see what all Luke's been fussing about.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Subi Says...

Being a proper host to out of town guests is very important -- especially for social lovebugs like me. Proper guest reception begins before the guest even arrives.

First things have a to change the sheets on the bed. Grandma says, for extra special guests like our Japanese friends, we buy all new sheets.

An especially good canine citizen will not hesitate to jump right in a help with the labor...

Grandpa says there's a fine line between helping and getting in the way...but I don't know what he's talking about.

This is a picture of me and my new friend Yuui. Yuui and her brother Toui brought me PRESENTS! I got a bumblebee stuffie and hot-dog stuffie and they are tough, tough, tough. My favorite.

As you can see, I did not forget to offer to pre-rinse Yuui's morning yogurt. She was happy to let me do the dirty work.
So remember Kids, Subi Says that being a thoughtful host/hostess is another way to be good canine citizens. Good Canine Citizenship doesn't happen overnight. Be vigilant and persistent because these are skills that take practice and patience.

I'd love to hear your stories of when you were a good canine citizen.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm Back!

Mama says her motherboard got fried, but she wouldn't let me have any.

I love fried foods!

Then mama said that her motherboard being fried didn't have anything to do with food, which was upsetting of course. Especially when I found out it meant I wouldn't be able to blog until she got a new computer. Anyway, she got Uncle D (Mama's brother) to help, and even though it took so long I was 'bout to give up forever, he was able to build her a new computer that has all of her old stuff on it, plus some new stuff.

That makes Mama happy, so I'm happy!

I'm also happy because on Friday I have friends coming to visit from a far away land called Japan. Japan is where my full name, "Tsubomi-san", comes from. In fact the friends that are coming are the ones who gave me my name.

I love friends!

My friends are a brother and sister and their names are Toui (Toy) and Yuui (You-wee) and even though we've never met I just know we're going to hit it off. The last time they visited was before my Gotcha Day when only my big sister Blossom lived here. Toui was best friends with Blossom and both Toui and Yuui were very sad when Blossom went to Rainbow Bridge. I hope Toui will like me as much as he liked my big sister. Mama says not to worry about Yuui loving me 'cause that is a "done deal".

Anyway, there's soooo much to get ready for. I even promised Mama I would be real good in the bath so I can smell pretty when my Japanese friends come. Do you think they'll bring presents?

I love presents!

Gotto go!