Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm Back!

Mama says her motherboard got fried, but she wouldn't let me have any.

I love fried foods!

Then mama said that her motherboard being fried didn't have anything to do with food, which was upsetting of course. Especially when I found out it meant I wouldn't be able to blog until she got a new computer. Anyway, she got Uncle D (Mama's brother) to help, and even though it took so long I was 'bout to give up forever, he was able to build her a new computer that has all of her old stuff on it, plus some new stuff.

That makes Mama happy, so I'm happy!

I'm also happy because on Friday I have friends coming to visit from a far away land called Japan. Japan is where my full name, "Tsubomi-san", comes from. In fact the friends that are coming are the ones who gave me my name.

I love friends!

My friends are a brother and sister and their names are Toui (Toy) and Yuui (You-wee) and even though we've never met I just know we're going to hit it off. The last time they visited was before my Gotcha Day when only my big sister Blossom lived here. Toui was best friends with Blossom and both Toui and Yuui were very sad when Blossom went to Rainbow Bridge. I hope Toui will like me as much as he liked my big sister. Mama says not to worry about Yuui loving me 'cause that is a "done deal".

Anyway, there's soooo much to get ready for. I even promised Mama I would be real good in the bath so I can smell pretty when my Japanese friends come. Do you think they'll bring presents?

I love presents!

Gotto go!

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