Monday, August 24, 2009

Under for the Thunder

Something strange happened this afternoon. Mama brought a whole lot of thunder with her when she came home from work. Now I'm not one to be scared of much when I'm in my own house (outside is a whole 'nother story) except for things that Mama calls balloons and my age old nemisis called Ceiling Fan. But today there more thunder than I thought possible. I growled at for a bit but it was coming so loud and so fast that windows were rattling and I decided to retreat to a place of safety. Which is where I was when Mama took this picture.

Mama tells me it will all stop soon and for that I'm grateful. I will tell you something though -- I'm starting to see what all Luke's been fussing about.


  1. We mentioned to Luke that he should come spend some time with Freyja over here in Michigan cuz there isn't a sound that will make her run...not one. She is such a stable grrrl. Now, her brofur, Scout, is a 'triever like you and when it gets loud he is nowhere to be found!

  2. Ahh Subi, you break my heart :o( Hope you don't have many more storms!