Saturday, August 29, 2009

Best. Day. Ever.

The best day ever always starts with a good long pee, followed by a R-I-D-E. Except that yesterday my morning R-I-D-E ended at Dr. P's office at 7:30 am. I tried to explain to Mama that nothing was hurtin' but since she hadn't had her morning caffeine yet, she could not understand me. The pet nurse tricked me into going into the back and by the time I noticed Mama was not with me -- well, there was no escapin'.

They put me in a cage and instead of watching TV, I got to watch a long line of dogs and cats hurt way worse than me, get to see the doctor first. By the time I got to see Dr. P it was almost my dinnertime and, boy, was I hungry! And after all that waitin' there was hardly nothing to it. Couple of shots, lights in my eyes, ear rubs -- although someone did put there fingers someplace I would rather not mention -- but all in all -- not traumatic. But by time I got sprung, I thought my whole day was shot, as it was after 7 pm.

But then I got home and found there was something waiting for me that made up for all that waiting in the cage.

Presents from Cool Hand Luke and the Bleu (of Course) and Luke's The Mom!! And it was just like a Bark Day Party. Here's me posin' with my presents. Oops, got me with my eyes closed.

I love presents! I believe I have been clear on this issue.

Here's a close up of the letter, complete with pictures of Luke and the Bleu, in which they thank me for playin' in the 500F Blog Post contest.

And to that I say...No...Thank YOU! And I LOVE Having you as a friend too!

I love friends!

Now here's a picture of the box with all the stuff still in it. Mama had to be quick about it 'cause that stuffie was callin' my name (and tellin' me his name was Mr. Ducksworth),

Here's me getting intimately 'quainted with Mr. Ducksworth. He's my favorite color too!

Me with my yellow bandanna. Did someone say cheese!
Here's a picture of all the stuff that came in the box. I don't even know what all that stuff is, but I'm gonna have a good time finding out.

Once again, a huge thanks to Luke, the Bleu (of course) and Luke's the Mom for makin' my whole day better! I love reading your blog and I'm so glad ya'll are my friends.

May you have sunny skies and quiet rain.


  1. Wow! What a great way to end a day!!!

    *kissey face*

  2. I am so glad you are enjoyin the treats in your package! It include some of my very favorite fings what I want to share wif the you!

    Please accept my a pology on bee-haff of the Mom. I quite embarassed it take her so long to follow frew wif the shippin! It really quite ridiculous. Just sayin.

    wif much love from the Luke

  3. p.s. I am SO happy you are my friend... and you look very very VERY cute wif the bandana!!!

  4. Hi Subi!
    What pawsome presents you got from Luke, Bleu and Luke´s Mom! You look super cute in your new bandana! Have fun with Mr.Ducksworth!


  5. That is a great day! Surprises in the mail are always a good time. If only there was a cat in the package. ;)

  6. There is nothing more deserved than happy surprises after a trip to the vet :)

  7. We were thinkin' that Luke would send some pretty good stuff! You are so lucky to have such a good friend☺