Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Visit with Dr. P

You'll never guess what happened this time?

I was in the middle of a Sunday afternoon snuggle session with Mama when Miss You-Know-Who started throwing up. It was pretty gross and the retching sounds she made scared me so I had to leave the room.

Mama dropped everything to clean up the mess and then to rush Jazz to see my doctor, Dr. P.

They were gone a long time.

Anyway, Dr. P said that Jazz is sick because she's so stressed. I guess being homeless and having to stay for a long time in a shelter is pretty hard on a body. Mama told me that when Jazz was at the shelter they didn't give her the large luxury suite like I got at Rover Oaks, instead they put her in concrete run that didn't even have a television. And she probably had to share!

Dr. P said that Jazz just needs some special medicine for a few days and then she'll be all better. She even sent along some medicine for me, even though I didn't go for a visit.

I guess Dr. P didn't want me to feel left out!

Isn't that nice?

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  1. I hope Jazz gets all better soon!