Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The "P" Word

There's a monster stalking Jazz and its name is PARVO! Run for your lives!

Mama says my foster sister Jazz is really sick. Of course I already knew that 'cause Jazz kept throwing up and throwing up all Sunday night. Once the smelly stuff started coming out of her mouth I went into hiding 'cause I knew it was bad. So bad that Mama even skipped work on Monday morning to take Jazz to see another doctor. Mama's friends at GBGRR said Jazz needed some "big guns". I don't know what "big guns" are but I sure hope they scare away the ParvoMonster.

Apparently, "big guns" has something to do with a place called a hospital where they put my foster sister in another cage (also without a television) and then stuck needles in her and attached tubes to her legs. All of which makes it very hard for Jazz to run for her life from the ParvoMonster.

After visiting Jazz at the hospital yesterday, Mama came home more worried than ever because the ParvoMonster is evil. Everything that the ParvoMonster touched in its chase to catch Jazz has to be cleaned, cleaned, cleaned!!

Maybe that has something to do with why some of my toys don't taste like my toys anymore and instead they taste like the giant water bowl in the back yard.

My blankie doesn't smell like me and Mama anymore either!

It's enough to make a body worried, I'm telling you. Mama tells me not to worry though 'cause back in the "barely 'member" times, Dr. P gave me medicines to make me invisible to the ParvoMonster. Yea! Those were good times, way-back-when, when it was worth getting stuck with medicines 'cause Dr. P would give me some sweet ear rubs afterwards to make the pain go away. I love me some ear rubs!

Anyway, that's where Jazz has been since Monday morning and Mama says she may be there a while. And that we have to keep our paws crossed -- and it wouldn't hurt to get some of our friends to cross their paws for Jazz too. Would you cross your paws for Jazz?

Oh and not to worry, 'cause Jazz is not alone. Mama took her a lion to help protect her from the ParvoMonster. And if you look carefully you might be able to see that the lion looks like he's seen some combat and survived so he knows his business and that's a good thing 'cause Jazz needs all the help she can get.

Don't forget. Keep your paws crossed for my foster sister Jazz!


  1. Dear A.H. Subi,
    How rotten that the P monster is stalking your sweet Jazz.
    The P monster will not win.
    Jazz and you and Mama and the vets will win.
    Our paws crossed and our healing thoughts are there with Jazz and you and Mama too.

  2. Crossing my paws for you, Jazz and sending you lots of licks and hugs!!!!