Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Today we celebrate Independence Day in the U S of A.

Here I am posing with the American flag. Notice I am still wearing a leash.

So much for independence. <Sigh>

Also notice, I am hearing the German Shepherd bark across the street, so I am really wishing I was independent! I would like to play chase with the German Shepherd, but Mama says he would eat me for lunch and then ask for more.

Mama and her family, which will include my Uncle and my Human Grandma and Grandpa (HGM & HGP) will celebrate by having good eats that smell delicious. And maybe if I am extra good and cute they will give me some on top of my regular food.

But other then that, this posing is all the celebrating I will be doing since July 4th is my least favorite holiday, because when the sun goes down the loud popping starts. Out where we live the loud popping lasts for almost a whole week and I do not want to go outside when that is happening. Why, just last night I had to hold my pee-pee all night because it was too scary in the dark to go outside. So, this morning when Mama woke up (finally!) I was raring to go outside and get down to business.

So everyone out there have a safe and happy holiday. But don't make the popping noises for too long because it scares the puppy dogs.

Mama called the hospital today instead of going in 'cause hospitals are always super busy doing holidays and she said she didn't want to get in the way. Anyway...Jazz ate some chicken last night but was not interested in solid food this morning so she was fed with a syringe.

Maybe she's not a breakfast person...

The nurse says at neither time did she vomit, which is all good news. Nurse also said that Jazz is happier when someone is with her all the time. That sounds like the Jazz I know who is a real attention-hog and love-stealer. I have warned Mama that Jazz is probably just pretending to be sick to get attention, but she says she is pretty sure that is not the case.

No word on the Distemper test which takes a long time. Mama says they have to determine the DNA...whatever that means. I don't know why three little letters make for such a long test.

Paw still crossed?

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  1. Hi! I came from Farley's blog - congratulations on winning the tie! I was a model, and have the Fiona Tie (the one with the daisies on it) and I LOVE it!!! It's funny what you said about Independence Day and still being on a leash - I was thinking The Exact Same thing when Mom took me on my hike. Whose independence are we talking about?!? (Oh yeah... I know... But STILL...)

    And I hope Jazz starts to feel better!

    *kissey face*