Friday, July 3, 2009

Today's Visit

Mama finally returned from her now routine visit to the hospital after being gone a loooong time. After my dinner time! She said she was sorry but the hospital was busy today and she had to wait a long time to get in. She also said I shouldn't complain about eating a little bit later than usual, especially when there are sick puppies in the hospital who can't eat. Her tone of voice made my head hang down lower than usual, but when she fed me she gave me extra fish oil so I knew she wasn't too mad.

I love fish oil!

Oh! And speaking of eating, Mama said the nurse said that Jazz had some baby food today and a bit of cold chicken. But the best news is that it didn't make her throw up. The nurse also said that when she isn't on painkillers, Jazz is is seeking attention and comfort and loves belly rubs.

That Jazz always was a love hound. Even more than me!

Mama says this is all good news, but that we still have to keep praying 'cause Jazz has to keep improving. Keep your paws crossed too!

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