Sunday, July 5, 2009

We Got Ourselves a Good News/Bad News Situation

This afternoon my foster sister Jazz, was cut loose from the hospital 'cause they said Mama could give her the medicines from now on.

Boy was Jazz happy about that!

Here's Jazz with one her nurses and Miss Carol from GBGRR. Miss Carol brought homemade cookies for the hospital staff for taking such extra special care of Jazz and another GBGRR puppy named Tucker.

I love cookies!

(Of course, Mama's the one taking the picture.)

That's the good news....

The bad news is that Mama brought Jazz home and she was in no condition to play...

As hard as I tried to get to her play she just wouldn't bite. In fact the only thing Jazz wanted to bite was her tuchus which is why Mama had to put the cone on Jazz's head.

Look away now if you have a queasy stomach.

Jazz's rear end and most of her tail feathers had to be shaved because the diarrhea caused redness.

Yup! That's gonna take a while to grow back.

Also, that's just plain 'em-bare-ass-ing'.

Get it?

Anyway, thanks to everyone who kept their paws crossed!


  1. Oh Jazz, please get better soon, you poor thing!!!
    You must be so happy to be home!!!

  2. Jazz, we are so sorry! The cone is always so hard to contend with, and trouble with your bottom is no fun at all. Everything will be ok - we have faith :)

  3. Congratulations to Subi for winning the necktie contest from Farley's contest. You will love it!

  4. Aw poor Jazz - hope you get better soon