Friday, June 26, 2009

Welcome Jazz! Now Get Out...

Guess what Mama did today. Just guess!

She brought home someone named Jazz. Mama says Jazz is homeless. Well I say, "She can't have my home!" As soon as she came into the back yard she wanted to play and at first that was fun...for about two minutes -- until I found out she didn't want to play chase. I love to play chase!

Mama was all, "Jazz this and Jazz that." and if that wasn't stupid enough she followed Jazz around taking pictures. See?

That's me in the background. In the BACKGROUND?!

Mama promises that Stupid Jazz will probably be adopted tomorrow. Well...tomorrow can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned. How can any self-respecting dog be expected to put up with an interloper trying to horn in on MY MAMA!?

Sickening, isn't it?

Tomorrow she will be gone and I won't have to worry about her stealing my mama and my home.


What's that?

Jazz wants to know if I'm interested in having a play session followed by a nap.

I love naps!

Gotta go!

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