Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tough Day for Mr. PoPo

This is Mr. PoPo.

Mr PoPo, as you can see, is one tough customer.

He's always game for a round of tug-of-war.

I've heard rumors that Mr. PoPo's mama was a stuffie and his daddy was a tennis ball, but despite his rather strange parentage, I try not to treat him differently than any other toy in the basket. In fact, these days Mr. Popo is on my top five list of favorite toys.

Having his daddy's genes means that he's got some bounce in him, which also means he's excellent in a game of fetch. Bonus!

Mr. PoPo is also just a super friend. When I get nervous or I am scared by loud noises, Mr. PoPo is always there for me.

And today, Mr. PoPo had my undivided attention.

Maybe being on my list of fav0rite toys isn't such a good thing?


  1. Hi Subi, thanks for visiting us, I have added you to our blogroll! Mr. PoPo sure looks like a great toy with a remarkable lineage :)

  2. Mr.PoPo is sure a great friend.