Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's All About Me!

Hello? Hello.....Ahroo-roo-rooo!

My name is Tsubomi-san. Is that a mouthful or what? It's Japanese for "flower bud".

You can just call me Subi or Subi-Dooby or Subi-licious. At least those are just a few of the names my mom calls me. Not that she doesn't call me Tsubomi-san, she does, but only when she's mad. you can see, I'm a golden retriever. I was born just a few weeks before Christmas in 2007, which makes me around 18 months old. I think I'm all grown up, but Mom says I'm still just a pup. At any rate, I've discovered that a whole lot of my golden cousins have their own blogs and thought I'd throw my collar into the ring. Just like the rest of my breed, I sure do like making new friends every chance I get.

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