Saturday, January 2, 2010

Special Delivery from Mother Nature

Some of you may not believe this, but here in Katy, Texas (just west of Houston) it doesn't snow here very much...or ever. At least that's what Mama says, and she's lived here her whole life so she oughta know. Strange thing is that it's snowed here three times in the last five years! And this year was one of them.

Mama had been practically buzzing all week when the man on TV said it was going to snow on Friday -- and even was a Friday when Mama didn't have to go to work. Those are my favorite days!

First thing that morning, Mama went through my wardrobe and picked out a shirt for me to wear (my favorite!) for extra warmth. Then, while Mama was away from the house, running errands, I could smell the wind kick up and then this cold, flaky stuff started falling from the sky.

So this was "snow".

After a while, Mama came home and took me outside to check it out.

Hmmm...what is this? It is cold and slightly wet.

When I get wet, I have to shake.

Very carefully...sniffing this stuff called snow. Ooh! See my new collar? It has jingle bells on it. I love jingle bells!

I have decided that this snow in my yard is unwelcome. It may make Mama happy, but I believe I'm happy that it doesn't "snow" here often.

Mama is now threatening to take me someplace where I can really enjoy snow. She says there are places were the snow on the ground is so thick you can't even see the grass anymore. No grass? Where shall I pee? This idea doesn't sound like one of Mama's best.

Although she said that it would involve a long R-I-D-E so it's not the worst idea she's ever had.


  1. We hope you enjoy your trip to the snow and take lots of photos! Remember to take lots of photos! ...and bundle up! Us warm weather dogs don't take the cold weather so well!

    Sam and Cisco

  2. Happy New Year. Give snow a chance! Try rubbing your snout in it - that feels really great! Also - your ears...that's pretty cool as well. - Abbey