Saturday, September 5, 2009

Confessions of a Clotheshorse

Alright...I have to confess ...I love to get all dressed up to show everyone what a princess I am.

Mama wants to be sure ya'll know that it's not's me. She says to tell you that it started out very reluctantly and innocently -- though now that she's finally given in to the power of dog clothes, she has a lot of fun with it. I think you'll understand what I mean when you see my newest outfit from the back.

I love this outfit!

Mama likes to buy me clothes that say funny things. Unfortunately, as she tells me all the time, it's awful hard to find clothes in my size. Apparently there aren't many people who make clothes for "big and talls". I'm not even that big! I'm like...a size eight, but all they have is clothes for a size zero. What is that about?

But I digress....

It all started a while back when I started going with Mama to Golden Beginnings' Meet & Greets to hang with other goldens and people who love goldens. You see, since my big sister went to Rainbow Bridge, Mama thought I just wasn't getting enough social-i-zation. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm not going to dwell on it 'cause whatever it is Mama thinks I was getting it at the M&Gs. Now at the beginning there was a problem -- people kept coming up to mama to ask one of two things:

1. Why was I foaming at the mouth?
2. Is she available?

Yes, another confession, I foam when I'm nervous. And there was a lot to be nervous about -- all those people -- and me away from the safe haven of my home!

So...Mama says she got tired a telling people that I already had a home and wondered what she could do about it. Then, one day, we were at PetSmart -- grocery shopping --when we passed the clothes rack and I could practically see the lightbulb come on over Mama's head. Clothes would be perfect way to say, "You can pet, but you can't take home". THEN she found a big pink shirt that said "Little Princess" and that was that.

And guess what...the next time I went to a M&G nobody asked if they could take me home AND as an added bonus I stopped feeling so nervous. After a couple more M&Gs I stopped foaming entirely. Turns out, being wrapped up nice and tight like that makes me feel like I'm constantly being hugged. I feel loved and secure, which is just what my M&G excursions was missing.

Anyway, I have a whole wardrobe now and Mama has decided that we should do a blog "fashion show". So when there's nothing else going on, Mama will help me don one of my outfits and we'll show all of our blog friends what it looks like.


  1. Definitely do a fashion show! I'm not big on clothes myself (I prefer 'au naturale' but that's just me), but I like seeing others all dressed up!

    *kissey face*

  2. Hi Subi!
    You look like a model! Wonderful!
    Happy weekend!


  3. OK - have to see the fashion show - but I'll let Mom watch and tell me about it later. Dogs in clothes give be a bit of a scare. Mom use to take me to doggie halloween parties - and I would just bark at the other dogs trying to say ..."NOOOOOOOO.....don't let them do that to us!" Of course all the dressed up dogs were having a great time - I went to hide to make sure Mom didn't try that with me. Now she goes by herself to the dog costume parties - guess I messed that one up for myself!

    SO - enjoy your clothes - I know Mom can't wait to see them!

  4. Hi Subi, you could definitely be America's Next Top Model!!! Great pics!!!

    lotsa licks,

  5. You are very cute with your shirt! It's a good thing you had it on - we would have wanted to take you home too!


  6. Let's have it. You can't just hint at the possibilities! :)