Thursday, September 17, 2009


Like me, some of you may know what it's like to be "Furminated". It's when Mama breaks out the special brush she calls the "Furminator" and scratches me up, down, and all around with it. The next thing I know, she's making off with wads and wads of my gorgeous golden locks like she's going to sell it to make wigs for unfortunate pups with the mange. Mama says that it's "extra fur", but I'm not sure I'm buying it, because it just keeps coming and coming with no end in sight. Surely my rear end and my belly must be bald by now.

Mama says my fur is good for composting and that birds can make nests out of it.

I KNEW they were trying to get a piece of me!!

Now the composting I don't mind so much, but the birds can just look somewhere else for their nesting materials.


  1. Subi, you and Mama are so sweet to make wigs for sick pups. So funny - I love it :)

  2. We know about that contraption. Momma uses it on the cats and that is OK but we don't like it so much.

  3. Sam is not fond of it either...


  4. Torture - pure torture. Not a big fan of the scrapper tool. I get back at Mom by only letting her get one side...I refuse to turn over - and it looks funny if you only get one side done! Mom informed me she really doesn't care if I look silly. Hmmm